Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Vegan Dog Food - Yes, Your Dog Can Eat Plant-Based Too!

Here's my new article for Raise Vegan all about vegan dog food.
Did you know our perfect lil Lupin eats vegan?

All dressed up

at Marymoor Dog Park

Lupin and Tzivia in the hammock

Only one of these dogs is not Lupin.

Vegan Junk Food Substitutes

My new article up on Raise Vegan is about vegan junk food substitutes. We eat a whole lot healthier now than I did when I was a new vegan. Especially for transitioning, it can be so nice to just be able to feel like you're eating the same familiar junk you used to eat. For most of these subs, the vegan version is a little healthier. But, for me, that's not even the point. Let's eat more plants! Woo hoo!

(Pic is Tzivia having her first ice cream cone at Il Gelato Amico in Torino, Italy. It was apple ginger gelato and pear gelato. It was a rice base but so much creamier than any rice cream I've ever had in the USA.)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mothers' Day 2018

EPIC day. My mom came into town in the wee hours of this morning, so I was both mother and daughter today on Mothers' Day.

Tzivia'd made bath bombs for everyone with the help of her nana, and she made me a necklace (and filled out this funny questionnaire with this amazing drawing of us) with the help of her dada.

Photo credit to my mom for most of these lovely photos!

Bubbie (my mom) and I got to do the newest Yoga with Adriene video together, and then we picked up Banana Leaf Thai food and headed to the beach! We (Bubbie, Granddaddy, Tzivia and I) spent most of the day at Ft. Warden beach, along with many of the sweet families we're friends with. Tzivia opted to wear this dress and then wade in the Sound and flop in the sand and get it just completely filthy. Love it.

 Ended the day at Finnriver, where Dada had been working hard all day, making pizzas for moms (and everyone else).

Friday, May 11, 2018

Robins' Nest at Our House -- From Newborn to Flying Video

I finally compiled my cell phone footage of the robin's nest into one video!
12 days of baby birdies: growing feathers, snuggling, yawning, eating, pooping, getting ready to fly.
The video's over 16 minutes. Feel free to skim (obvi).

They start out so cute, and by the end, when their parents are keeping their distance while feeding them, I'm like, "Oh yeah, birds are totally dinosaurs."
The nest is empty now, but the internet informs me that robins reuse the same nests, so the mama might lay eggs there again, maybe even this spring. We loved watching both parents care for their babies. The frequency of feedings reminded me of the early days of breastfeeding.

For those who don't know, Charles discovered this nest, right under our feet, on our 2nd story deck. When we lie on the deck, we can peek at the nest between the boards, so I positioned my camera there and just left it recording and walked away. We didn't know about the nest before they hatched, so we're not sure how old they were on Day 1 of this video, but the internet tells me robins leave the nest around 13 days old, so we must've caught them when they were brand new!

Right after eating, the babies poop; that's what the parents are putting in their mouths! Apparently, when the baby robins are very young, the parents eat the poop, and as the babies age, the parents will take it away with their beaks but drop it instead of eating it. Friends who have seen our car, it does seem as though every bird in the neighborhood is using it as a target for their baby's poop.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Mushrooms in the Store are Fine to Eat.

Tzivia's new ukelele song is called, "The Mushrooms in the Store are Fine to Eat."

just a lil baby chanterelle we found.
Tzivia has been mushroom-hunting many times,
and she knows some mushrooms are fine to eat
very pretty, but not fine to eat.
(after cooking) but most
are not.
She wrote the words
to this one when we
were in the co-op
this week.

Veganism Makes Parenting Easier

Here's Veganism Makes Parenting Easier, my new article on Raise Vegan!
It's something I keep coming back to in my parenting, how well all the pieces fit together. The lessons I explore in the article, that I think almost all parents want to instill, are empathy, it's okay to be different, perseverance and patience, critical thinking, consent, and healthy habits. I write about how our family's veganism intersects with all those other lessons. For us, that makes parenting easier, because the lessons reinforce each other, and there's consistency rather than a constant need for cognitive dissonance.
The article comes with a baby picture of Tzivia in a onesie from my etsy shop, and here's a picture of her from this week (in a dress I'm going to list up there soon).

Friday, May 4, 2018

WIC Vegan Food Options

I am so proud of my new article at Raise Vegan, because I would love more parents and parents-to-be to know about their WIC options!
Here's a photo of me that was in the Port Townsend Leader when I was pregnant. I got all the produce on the table (and those lovely carrots) at the Port Townsend Farmers' Market with my WIC farmers' market vouchers.