Monday, June 17, 2019

A Fertilized Egg is Not a Human Being

A Fertilized Egg is Not a Human Being

Humans are worth protecting because we are feeling creatures with a desire to live, not because we contain human DNA.

"I have a uterus, and my body autonomy is under attack.
As more and more states pass abortion bans and restrictions, Conservatives continue to claim “life begins at conception.” They seem to suggest, if only we can agree the cells of a fertilized egg are alive, we’ll also agree it’s okay to legally force a woman (or trans or nonbinary person with a uterus) to give birth.
But this simplification ignores that a live cell is not the same as a thinking, feeling, socially attached creature with a desire to live. The cut roses on my kitchen table are alive. The bacteria in and on my body are alive. Even if, for some reason, we’re talking only about human DNA, the still-sticky sperm in the tube sock on your bedroom floor is alive."

Published in Fearless She Wrote on Medium.
Smiley face egg photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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