Monday, June 20, 2011

He likes it!


Also, I just finished reading the Stranger article about the murder/rapes in South Park last year. Oh my god. I was crying so much I could barely read the words. I was sobbing so loudly that Lupin (cuddled up beside me) starting whining too (what must our little pup think, me staring at a piece of paper and sobbing while Luna sits beside us and seemingly ignores the trauma?)
Then Luna gave me a quick self defense how-to, a what-to-do-if-someone-attacks tutorial. Pen to the neck. Chopstick to the kidney. Bite the lip, nose, ear.

I feel sick.


Arkansas Patti said...

Grayquill sent me and when GQ requests, I do.
I just recently gave up animal flesh,it only took me 71 years so I will be checking your blog for ideas.

Vegans in Love said...

Wow, congratulations on going veg! It's never too late. =0)

Pat said...

Grayquill sent me too. We usually try to do what he request...usually.
I'm about the read this news article, will I cry too? Probably. Those scones in the previous look sooo good!

Vegans in Love said...

Hard to imagine how anyone could get through that article without crying.

It was a local story here that was sad enough just knowing the facts. But reading all the details was just heartwrenching.

Thank you. I used to work as a professional vegan pastry chef. =0)