Thursday, June 16, 2011

Year and a Half Anniversary

Yesterday was our year-and-a-half anniversary. Half-anniversaries are strange, because the weather -- everything, really -- is like the exact opposite of how it was when you met. We met a couple days before the winter solstice, so our half-anniversary is just before the summer solstice.

Comic Luna drew for me of our first kiss. He gave it to me on our second date (in which he cooked Pad Prik King for me and we danced around the carpet to Edith Piaf). The comic hangs above our bed now.

We met when night was at its longest, but falling in love at the very start of winter meant basically getting the cheat code to skip winter. That first night, when we met, after the symphony, after dinner, we found ourselves on the swings at Cal Anderson Park, and I was wearing a dress as low-cut as the one I wore yesterday.

"Do you ever get out of the city?" he asked me, and he stumbled over the words a little bit, like he was nervous.

"Not really. I don't drive so I haven't really seen much of the state yet."

"Would you like to? We could get a cabin on the coast."

Our first date. And we both had this realization that this was not a first date conversation, but we also realized that the normal rules didn't apply.

I got off my swing and went over to him, somehow shared the swing with him (haha, I think I straddled him?) and we kissed, and I said, "I would love that."

And two weeks later we were sharing a little A-frame in La Push, hiking through the rainforest and making vegan s'mores.

He wrote our names, with his finger, on an Artist's Conk (Mushroom)

It was the first week of January. We held hands and ran into the ocean together, then immediately ran back out, freezing and giggling.
Ancient tree!! We set the camera timer for this picture, because we were alone (people-wise) in the forest.

Now it's supposedly the start of summer, though I felt as cold yesterday (sitting on a boulder together at Magnuson Park, by the lake, laughing at our awesome dog, then trying to soak up the failing sunlight while having a dessert picnic in the parking lot of PCC) as I did a year and a half ago when we met.

This particular spring and summer are pathetic excuses for sunny seasons.
Luna will keep me warm, come spring or summer or winter or fall.
Desserts are delicious.
I need to take more pictures, especially if I'm going to keep up a blog.
We're in love.

P.S. I've been very busy this week, overwhelmingly so. I was imagining I'd be blogging every day, but now I see that that's something only my funemployed self could do. Since I haven't been posting, I haven't pushed myself to take pictures, but we have had some delicious food this week, and here's one example:

Chilaquiles Luna made us for breakfast -- Corn tortillas scrambled with tofu (and veggies, in this case), topped with salsa and "sour cream" (garlic aioli on this one). I was feeling under the weather, slept for about a million hours straight, then woke up to this. Yummm.


KleinsteMotte said...

I think this post is awesome like the enormous tree trunk and the love.

Vegans in Love said...

=0) Thank you!