Monday, June 20, 2011

Scone Day!

plus engagement ring
minus gloves
= delicious mess

Batter, batter everywhere.
Luna and I were both scheduled to work at the doughnut shop today, but after about 20 minutes of set-up, another worker showed up; apparently she'd been scheduled too. Buuuut... you only need two people on a Monday, so I moseyed on home, pretty bummed that I had crawled out of bed at 7:25am for nothing (after 3 nights in a row of working dinner shifts at Pizza Pi).

To cheer myself up, I made scones with some Rainier cherries that I swear had been in our tiny fridge for like a month (but were miraculously still good).

He was so worn out from playing that he *almost* managed to sleep through the delicious smell of scones.

I used the currant scone recipe from

as my jumping-off point, but I obviously used cherries instead of currants, a little tapioca and potato flour instead of Ener-G, half whole wheat flour (instead of all white), and I added some vanilla, almond extract, nutmeg and ACV. And then I put sliced almonds on top of half of them (should have put them on all of them. OMG goooood).

Luna will be home from work soon and then I get to share them.

I accidentally shared a little with someone already.
Also, I made a box of chocolates today as a belated anniversary present. (Our year-and-a-half-together anniversary or our negative-1st wedding anniversary? Take your pick.)
I had been saving this box since... Valentine's maybe? Oh no, of course not; we were in Thailand on Valentine's Day. I guess I'd been saving the box since our 1-year-together anniversary in December, planning to make my own chocolates for Luna. There's just something so special about hand-making tiny treats for someone.

(I covered up the original brand name with a heart I cut out of a magazine.)
 Anyway, the coating on all of them is just melted chocolate chips.
The insides (with a couple repeats) are
chocolate peanut butter cream
Mounds (basically)
Almond Joy (basically)
a marshmallow
mocha cream
and whole peanuts jumbled up in the chocolate.

I hope he likes them!


GLB said...

If he doesn't, I'll send you my addy...

Grayquill said...

First you spoil Luna but now the pooch? Oh no, I so hoped pooch was going to be a good pooch...well I guess he is a pooch with good taste :-)
Nice Post!

KleinsteMotte said...

Mmmm. Seems the day off work led to other yummy venues.