Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mothers' Day 2018

EPIC day. My mom came into town in the wee hours of this morning, so I was both mother and daughter today on Mothers' Day.

Tzivia'd made bath bombs for everyone with the help of her nana, and she made me a necklace (and filled out this funny questionnaire with this amazing drawing of us) with the help of her dada.

Photo credit to my mom for most of these lovely photos!

Bubbie (my mom) and I got to do the newest Yoga with Adriene video together, and then we picked up Banana Leaf Thai food and headed to the beach! We (Bubbie, Granddaddy, Tzivia and I) spent most of the day at Ft. Warden beach, along with many of the sweet families we're friends with. Tzivia opted to wear this dress and then wade in the Sound and flop in the sand and get it just completely filthy. Love it.

 Ended the day at Finnriver, where Dada had been working hard all day, making pizzas for moms (and everyone else).

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