Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Vegan Junk Food Substitutes

My new article up on Raise Vegan is about vegan junk food substitutes. We eat a whole lot healthier now than I did when I was a new vegan. Especially for transitioning, it can be so nice to just be able to feel like you're eating the same familiar junk you used to eat. For most of these subs, the vegan version is a little healthier. But, for me, that's not even the point. Let's eat more plants! Woo hoo!

(Pic is Tzivia having her first ice cream cone at Il Gelato Amico in Torino, Italy. It was apple ginger gelato and pear gelato. It was a rice base but so much creamier than any rice cream I've ever had in the USA.)

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