Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Veganism Makes Parenting Easier

Here's Veganism Makes Parenting Easier, my new article on Raise Vegan!
It's something I keep coming back to in my parenting, how well all the pieces fit together. The lessons I explore in the article, that I think almost all parents want to instill, are empathy, it's okay to be different, perseverance and patience, critical thinking, consent, and healthy habits. I write about how our family's veganism intersects with all those other lessons. For us, that makes parenting easier, because the lessons reinforce each other, and there's consistency rather than a constant need for cognitive dissonance.
The article comes with a baby picture of Tzivia in a onesie from my etsy shop, and here's a picture of her from this week (in a dress I'm going to list up there soon).

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