Saturday, June 9, 2018

"Clive is a Nurse" and other books by Jessica Spanyol

These Clive books by Jessica Spanyol are amazing!!!!! I received some free copies to give out at my Kaleidoscope Play & Learn group, and I'm obsessed! Charles and I are so used to changing pronouns in books in order to give Tzivia representations of adventurous girls and caring boys. These simple books manage that, but more than anything, they just show kids being KIDS without any of the weight of adult's gendered expectations. Just a diverse set of playful kids playing pretend with each other. If I wrote a children's book, it'd be a lot like these. Maybe someday.

Thank you, Jessica Spanyol! We also (super-randomly) have her book Carlo Likes Colors out from the library right now, which we've enjoyed as well. But our library doesn't carry the Clive books (yet?)

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Arcelia Kent said...

I'm excited to check these out! And just the other day I was thinking it's about time you and Charles team up to write a children's book!