Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tzivia's Art!

I am so freaking amazed by this. Librarian Martha asked the kids to draw a picture (and narrate the words to their parents) about what they wanted to do this summer, and Tzivia stayed late working intently on this triptych.

Part of what whoas me about it is how much she responded to a topic rather than just randomly drawing. 
The Ferris wheel is something she's saved up for in her piggy bank to do in Seattle, and she said she drew Dada being on it because she wants to make sure he's there too (instead of just me and her going to Seattle while Dada works at his new job). 
Tree-climbing is a new passion of hers, especially since her new 5-year-old friend tried to teach her a few weeks back. She's not very good at it yet, but she's very enthusiastic about it. I love the way she drew the tree. First, she just drew a tall, straight line and said it was done, but then she said, "Wait, one more thing," and drew all the branches.

The last picture is her learning to put on her shoes all by herself, which is something I'd just suggested we should work on, as I was putting her shoes on her at home, before rushing off to Library Time.

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